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Paint Touch Up & Scratch Removal


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Skratch House touch up & scratch removal is a big improvement and protectant on the vehicles exterior. This service will give you the biggest bang for your buck, adding great value to your vehicles. This is an inexpensive way to touch up any minor body damage, paint chips or scratches. We can also recondition the clear coat with our three step buffing procedure. Giving the vehicle an amazing new look. Our results are as perfect as possible without actual body shop work and expense. Our first goal is to restore the damage as close to the factory finish as possible. Second goal is to make any damage look considerably better along with sealing any exposed metal/plastic areas with matching paint to prevent further damage such as rusting or peeling. Below are actual photos of our work. Here at Skratch House we are known to be the best touch up company around something we enjoy and take pride in.  This service has been the flagship for our company. We are the best! Contact Us for an accurate assessment of your situation.


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